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  There are thousands of different Cannabis Strains out there and new ones coming out almost daily. So, finding a few to suite your Medical needs or preference might take some research. Seed banks have information on their cannabis strains, but most don’t have too much on certain specifics. Some even have catalogs that can be ordered, these usually have a little more information. Dispensaries are a good place to find information about cannabis strains. Reviews are an excellent way of getting info on certain strains. Strain databases have substantial data as well. We have links below to help you find cannabis strains to suite your needs. 

Finding The Right Cannabis Strains

  When figuring out what cannabis strains are right for you there are a few key points to consider. Such as the primary effects of the medicine, it’s medicinal use, side effects, THC/CBD content, and taste. Use all available resources to help you select the perfect cannabis strains that meet your overall needs and palate. Another factor to keep in mind is the cultivation space and/or climate. For example: Maybe the cultivation area is in the basement or stays a little on the moist side, then strains that are mold resistant would be ideal. If it runs a little hot in the cultivation area, you might want to use a strain that comes from a warm and tropical environment. So on and so forth.

  Now, locate seeds of the strains interested in Cultivating. Seed Banks and Dispensaries are the best way to get ahold of the strains your looking for. You will find the best Seed Banks to do business with in seeds page.    Most importantly   -All use Discreet billing and shipping.-

Strain Database

Medical Strain Guide





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