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Watering and Feeding

  Knowing When to Water

Watering can be a little tricky at first. Knowing what to look for and learning when watering is necessary will depend on a few factors. The medium being used, size of plant/container, light, air circulation, humidity, and of course temperature in the cannabis cultivation area. Keep hands on contact and pay close attention to the plants, education will find it’s way.

 The principle here is to let the plant suck almost all the moisture out before watering again. Not watering until the medium is almost completely dry. Pick the container up when dry, then when saturated. Learn the container’s weight, this will help tremendously. Another excellent way of learning watering is using your hands. Carefully dig around in the first couple inches of the container to aerate the soil. While doing this you will be able to feel the moisture in the medium. If the medium is moist do not water, if the medium is dry give it water. Note if using city water use a filtering system, or fill watering containers and let sit for a day or two to remove chlorine and other impurities.


  When Feeding the golden rule is ‘Less is More’ Use only two-thirds what the regimen calls for at first. To see how the plant responds to the nutrients. Then, slowly work up to the recommended amount.  Watering with less nutrients wont hurt plants, but to much can ruin them. A weaker nutrient mix can be used every watering session. When properly fed plants will thrive looking healthy, shiny, and vibrant green. The leaves will be stretching up and out to receive the light, and new growth will be obvious daily.

  Burned and blotchy leaves are a sign of over watering/feeding, tone it down. Use only water to flush the nutrients out. If any color change occurs or the plant is patchy, droopy, or sickly looking. Diagnose problem and fix immediately. See Nutrient Deficiencies. Never spray or pour nutrients on the plant’s leaves or flowers during flower period, they will not be consumable.

  Above all, the most important thing to do is Flush the plant every week or so and at the end of flowering phase before harvest. Watering with only pure water the last two to three weeks before harvest. This allows the plant to get rid of any toxins it may have. Plan ahead and be sure not to skip this step. The end results speak for themselves. A much Cleaner, Tastier medicine. For more details see Flushing.

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