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  Getting Proper Ventilation

Ventilation (Air Circulation) is vital for plant health and growth during cultivation indoors. An intake and exhaust fan, vent holes, some ducting vent, and a few clamps will be needed for this task. An Intake fan is used to draw fresh air in from outside and distribute it in cultivation space, via a vent hole. An Oscillating fan is perfect for this. The fan moves both side to side and up/down in a circular motion. Distributing fresh air all around the area, to achieve maximum circulation. It is powerful, yet quite. Keeping noise down is a factor here, this fan will run all the time.

   An Exhaust fan will pull heat from the light source and out the garden. This will keep the temperature down considerably and pull stagnant air out. In-line fans work the best for this. These fans can be mounted inside or out of the cultivation area. Use the clamps to connect the duct vent from Air Filter to light hood, then from light hood to fan and from fan out to designated area.

  A Fan Speed Controller can be used to lower/raise the speed, or quite the exhaust fan down. This controller is simple, plug the fan’s power cord in outlet and adjust dial. There are also Duct Fans that connect to the ducting vent to help push or pull air through vent.  Note Cap all ducting vent ends with a mesh cover.(Duct Defender) Knee high pantyhose work just as well. (This will keep unwanted pests and mold out of cultivation area).

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