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  Why Is Transplanting Nesseccary

  Transplanting is nesseccary to give the roots more room to grow. This also gives the plant a more perpetual living space. Transplanting should be done well before the plant outgrows it’s space. A simple way to acknowledge this is pay attention to the size of the plant, transplanting should be done before the plant gets bigger than the container that it is in. Do not wait until the plant is bigger than the container or the plant’s growth will slow down, eventually stop. Cannabis needs to grow without any interruption to avoid unhealthy conditions and poor yields. When transplanting is done proper plants will thrive, stretching and growing vigorously in their new environment. It is best for transplanting when the medium is semi dry, but still has enough moisture left to hold the root mass and medium together. Keeping the roots intact and not disturbing them is the most important thing. If the root system encounters any disturbance the plant will go into shock.

Transplanting – How to

   Fill larger container with the new moist medium to necessary level for the plant’s height. The new medium should cover all of the root wad and as much of the stalk as possible to promote new healthy growth. Put one hand over the top of the pot with the plant stalk between your fingers, turn the pot upside down to empty it. Gently tapping the container if need be. Never pull plant out by the stalk. Ripping roots is all that can come from that. When the plant comes out of the container use your other hand hold the bottom of the root mass secure. Put the plant in new container and fill to the top, carefully shaking to fill any empty areas. Put plants in the cultivation space and saturate the medium with a mild mix of nutrient water and vitamin B hormones (Superthrive).

   Transplanting should only be done once to avoid disturbing the root system. Which is very delicate. When transplanting the plant needs to be put in a container that it can stay in for the duration of the growing season. Allowing the plant to thrive with no interruptions will result in healthy plants and greater yields.

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