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Topping Cannabis

Topping Cannabis

Topping Cannabis is a Training Techniques used to get more out of a plant, by adding more branches. Topping the plant changes it’s Christmas tree like shape to a shorter bushier stature. Making the plant wider allows the plant to use more light. This will increase flower sites (Colas) and yields dramatically. Keep topping to get an even wider, bushier plant structure to absorb more light. 

 There are two different techniques used for Topping cannabis plants. These two techniques are Topping and Fiming. Both work really well and are very similar, but they do have their differences. Let’s take a look.


 Topping is where the top node of the plant is pinched or cut off to make two nodes from the branch instead of one. Now the plant will grow two main branches. This also allows the rest of the plant under the topped node to grow more. Keep topping to get desired plant shape and more colas.


  FIM-ing is known as (Fuck I Missed). This is a little different technique from topping. The FIM(Fuck I Missed) comes from the way the technique is used. Fiming doesn’t slow plant growth as much and gives the plant four nodes rather than two. Just like topping the lower part of the plant will grow more bushy. The new nodes will be offset, not symmetrical like they would be with topping. To properly FIM a plant only the very top leaflet of the node is pinched off, leaving about 20% of the actual node on the stem.


When Should Cannabis Be Topped or Fim’ed

 All training techniques such as Topping and Fiming should be done in the Vegetative Stage. Never cut or pinch the tops of Cannabis plants during the flower period. The vegetative stage is for building the structure of plants and training them to grow a desired way.

 For best results Topping or Fiming cannabis should be done at the third or fourth node. This lets the plant gain some health, as growth will slow down. Having a healthy plant that will keep growing is key here.



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