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The Vegetative Stage

Vegetative Stage 

During the Vegetative Stage the plant builds stem structure (branches) and grows foliage (leaves). Plants will quickly grow tall as it builds more branches and leaves. The vegetative stage also allows the plant to build the thickness of the main stem and branches. The whole purpose of the vegetative stage is to build plants up and get them ready to support their flowers.

Lighting Used For The Vegetative Stage

More light is needed than dark during the vegetative stage. Cannabis responds better to a blue spectrum light during the vegetative stage. A (Metal Halide) HID Lamp works best, but some may prefer Fluorescents or Led lights as well. Use the light on an 18/6 light cycle is great for the vegetative stage. That is eighteen hours light and six hours dark. This gives the plants a little break they wouldn’t get if using a full 24 hours of light. Plug the light into a timer to ensure the same lighting period at all times.

Feeding Cannabis During The Vegetative Stage

Feeding is important during the vegetative stage. The plants will need nutrients to help vigorous growth. Start feeding nutrient regimen, beginning with a weak nutrient solution about 50%. Gradually building it up with every feeding.

The vegetation stage can take anywhere from two weeks to two months. Depending on preference and health of the plant. A general rule of thumb here is to start the Flowering Period when plants have reached almost half of their desired size. As the plant will double in size during flower period of cultivation.

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