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The Flowering Phase

Flowering Phase

These AK-47’s are starting the fourth week of The Flowering Phase.

The Flowering Phase is what makes the plants focus their energy on building flowers. Before, in the Vegetative Stage plants just grow leaves and stems. The first few weeks of the Flowering Phase is full of spectacular change. When the plants start to grow flowers they will almost double in size. This is often called the Stretch. The stem and branches stretch out growing long so they can be filled with lush flowers.

  During the first two weeks of the Flowering Phase plants will also declare their sex. Females are the ones who flower, male Cannabis plants do not flower and only carry pollen. When this pollen is able to come into contact with the female flowers it will cause the flower to produce seeds, instead of flowers. So, remove the males as soon as they show their sex. See more on Plant Sexing.

Lighting For The Flowering Phase

 For the Flowering Phase Cannabis will need an infrared/orange spectrum light to produce flowers. Which makes the (HPS) High Pressure Sodium light most preferred. Look up at the picture, see how orange the light looks? These are 1000w HPS lamps. Plants will need more dark at this time to trigger the Flowering Phase. Set the timer to a 12/12 light cycle. Twelve hours of light and twelve hours of dark. This tells the plant that the days are getting shorter, which means that it has to hurry up and produce flowers before Winter approaches and the plants die. Everyone read Charlotte’s Web, the spider gave birth and Died. Just like a spider, Cannabis gives birth to beautiful, fragrant flowers and then dies a victim to ol’ Jack Frost. 

Feeding Cannabis During The Flowering Phase

  To cultivate big flowers, Cannabis needs to be fed a phosphorus and potassium rich nutrient regimen while flowering. Use a quality blooming solution. In the third or fourth week of the Flowering Phase it is a good time to feed a bloom booster. This is a very high phosphorus and potassium nutrient that will explode the flowers, bringing out the essential oils and resins from the plant. Trichomes will start covering the flowers and look sugar coated. These trichomes are what fills up with resin and where the THC/Cannabinoids comes from. The bloom booster will also be applied once again in the sixth or seventh week of flowering to help ripen the flowers.

  Cannabis just like people lose energy from all the work they are doing. The best way to get energy is carbs, and Cannabis likes sugars. Feed them some form of sugar, Bud Candy, Sweet, or Molasses in the third through the seventh week. When feeding Cannabis carbohydrates not only does it replenish the plant’s energy it also adds weight to the flowers, filling the calyxes inside and out with resin.

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