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Temperature and Humidity

Keeping The Right Temperature

Temperature and humidity levels are very important and need to be kept just right to promote healthy growth and successful cultivation. The perfect Temperature is 70-80 degrees F. At the very most cannabis can take 90-95 degrees F, but not for to long and not at the roots. Roots the most important part of any plant, should be kept at a cooler temperature between 70-75 degrees F. Never above or the plant will burn up.

  Place Thermo/Hygrometers at different levels and places in the cultivation space to see what the temperature and humidity levels are running. One should be at the plant’s root base, one at the plant’s canopy, one under the light, and one above the light near the ceiling. These are vital areas that need to be kept track of. Portable Wireless Weather Stations that run a few different sensors make it easy to keep track of temperature and humidity levels without being in the room. Very handy.

Humidity Level

  Humidity is good, but to much is not good. Humidity needs to be kept between 40-60%, above 60% is not recommended. High humidity levels allow mildew, mold, and fungus to thrive easier. A couple ways to prevent high humidity levels are not over watering plants and keeping the cultivation area clean. Over watering brings more moisture that will convert to more humidity. Clean up any spills or excess when watering.

   Mold and mildew spores get in and grow on materials lying around. Such as dirt, nutrients, dead leaves, or any type of debris. So, keeping it cleaned up will avoid many conditions. If getting humidity down becomes an issue that ventilation and lighting don’t help a Dehumidifier will solve the problem. Note Atmosphere Controllers will control separate environmental devices; Temperature, Humidity, CO2

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