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Sexing Cannabis

 Sexing Cannabis is very important part of the cultivation process. Sexing cannabis is done to separate the males from the females. When feminized seeds are not used. The males do not produce flowers, only pollen. To get potent female flowers (Buds) full of resin no males are needed. When male pollen is exposed to female flowers they will shift their energy to producing seeds instead of flower. The flowers in turn lose much of their potency, as they will not have much resin inside.

Sexing Cannabis can also seem a little overwhelming when first starting out. Not knowing what to look for is the main reason. Also because both male and female plants will look the same at their younger stages. Not until they mature it is able to tell the sex of cannabis. Male and female pre-flowers will even look the same at first glance. Then the plants start to grow more and the sex of the plant becomes more apparent.

Sexing Cannabis – How To Identify Males

 When Sexing Cannabis there is a “Rule of Thumb” that can be used to make this process a whole lot easier. The “Rule of Thumb” for Sexing Cannabis is, the males don’t have pistils (Hairs) on their calyx (Balls). Only females have pistils on their calyxes (Nodes).  Males will grow clusters of balls that look almost like seeds with no hairs. This makes the males stick out from the females, as they will be very noticeable. Once a few males have been seen the Sexing Cannabis procedure will become much easier.

When Should Sexing Cannabis Be Done

 Sexing Cannabis should be performed in the first two weeks of the flowering period. The plants will show their sex within this time. The males will usually show their sex first. This will aide the Sexing Cannabis procedure. Once a male is spotted he needs to be pulled right away. Note Male flowers can start to open and spread pollen in a week.

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