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Sea of Green (SOG)

What is Sea of Green (SOG)

Sea of Green (SOG) is a cultivation method of rapidly growing many plants. The theory is to utilize all of the cultivation space to quickly harvest as much possible. By shortening the vegetative stage to only two or three weeks, plants can be harvested in half the time. Plants stay smaller using the sea of green method, but many more can be put in the cultivation area. When done right sea of green can be harvested every 30 days or even every two weeks.

The strategy is to pack as many plants possible in the cultivation space. Doing this will not give the plants room to branch out, rather focusing all the plants’ energy all on the main cola. As the plants grow they will create the Sea of Green effect. (A Sea of Green Colas)

How To Use The Sea of Green Method

Clones work best for the Sea of Green method. Figure out how many pots or plants will fit in the flower room. Cut the clones, keeping them all the same size. Once the fresh cuttings have taken root keep in veg cycle for 10-14 days or desired height about 8-10 inches. After the plants have reached desired height put them in the flower room on 12/12 light cycle. Here shortly the Sea of Green effect will be showing.

Continuously Keep Harvesting

For the Sea of Green method to successfully work timing is everything. Want to harvest every 30 days? Only fill the flower room half way for now. In 30 days fill the rest of the room. And in another 30 days the first half will be ready for harvest. When the first half is harvested have more clones ready and put them in the flower room. Keep repeating this Cycle for a harvest every 30 days. What to harvest every two weeks? Use the same system, but divide the flower room into four. Fill only a quarter with plants, in two weeks fill another quarter. In two more weeks fill another quarter, and again. It has been eight weeks, Time to harvest the first quarter and put more in. Now the Sea of Green method will be harvesting every two weeks as long as this cycle is kept up.

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