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Screen of Green (SCROG)

What is the Screen of Green Method ?

Screen of Green (SCROG) method is similar to the Sea of Green (SOG) method, but not the same. Both methods hold the same theory of getting the most product possible. The Sea of Green method is used to get the most production out of a cultivation area. Where the Screen of Green method is used to get the most production from the plants. Initially designed for growing bigger plants with limited height or cultivation space. Now, it’s pretty much the go to technique for maximizing yields. Because using HID lights with the Screen of Green method can produce massive plants with  incredible yields of big fat colas.


First, get the plants going either clones or feminized seeds are best. (Trying to get a male out of the screen won’t be fun) Find a screen, use chicken wire, fencing, or make one with trellis. Just be sure the holes in the screen are no more than a couple inches. Now, mount the screen any where from ten to twenty inches above the plant. As the plant grows up through the screen it needs to be pushed or tied down below the screen. Basically, using (LST) Low Stress Training to train the branches to grow horizontal instead of vertical. Allowing more light to the branches. This will increase the number of flower sites due to the exposure of light. Instead of one cola, every flower site will be a cola.

As the screen fills up the bottom of the plant will get less light. Make sure to keep the underside of the screen cleaned up. Trim all leaves on bottom to avoid mold. Super cropping works hand in hand with the Screen of Green method. When the screen is about 50-60% full it’s time to switch to flowering phase. Keep the branches down for the first couple weeks. To ensure a successful Screen of Green. After that just watch the Sea of Green Colas grow.

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