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PH and Testing

The Importance of Keeping A Neutral PH Level

PH levels are one of the most important Elements in any type of Cultivation. A neutral PH is crucial for plants intake of nutrients and minerals. Both in the soil and water. If PH levels are not maintained plants get sick from Nutrient Deficiencies. Plants will show many different types of symptoms right away. Including yellow or dying leaves, burns, and dead spots. This is why the PH should always be checked. Check the soils PH when planting. Always check water before adding nutrients, and after. Never water plants without checking it first.

The PH level needs to be around 6.5. Below 6.0 will cause root burn and spotty leaves, due to a trigger in calcium deficiency. Above 7.0 will trigger an iron deficiency that turns leaves yellow. Unbalanced PH can effect the plant, it’s nutrient uptake, and overall plant health. Grab a Control Kit or Tester (PEN) and test the soil and water. Make sure to have a neutral level around 6.5 before giving any water or nutrients to plants.


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