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Organic Cultivation

  Organic cultivation will produce the cleanness most flavorful medicine. When only organic materials are used in cultivation it really brings out the true flavors, aromas, and effect of the medicine. This method has become much more popular due to the legalization of Medical Cultivation, and patients looking for clean, natural medicine.

  The Organic cultivation method uses only Naturally Derived (Organic) materials. Absolutely no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used. These can be harmful and produce a harsh or unwanted tasting medicine. The organic cultivation principle is easy once you know how it works and what to use. Materials derived from Plants, Fish, Bats, Birds, and Worms are excellent organic substances to use. If a product ever looks questionable remember to look for the Certification seal. All organic materials are certified by the USDA. Either by the OMRI(Organic Materials Review Institute) or NOP(National Organic Program).


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