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Nutrients Used for Cultivating Cannabis

A Nutrient or Fertilizer Regimen will be needed to feed plants. Nutrients are measured in their ratio of N-P-K, Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium. The Three main Nutrients Plants require in order to grow with that Strive and Vigor.(Beside Light) Using a dependable Nutrient Regime will Definitely reflect in the Crop. From Grow – Harvest affecting all aspects of the Medicine. The Taste, Aroma, Effect, Quality, and most importantly YEILD.

In addition to the Three Main N-P-K Nutrients, there are Micro-Nutrients, Vitamins, Hormones and Acids that help Plants or the Soil Intake Food. Other Trace Elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Sulfur, etc.. As well as Needing different Elements during the different phases of the plant’s growth cycle. For example, More Nitrogen than Phosphorus and Potassium is needed for the Veg/Growth stage of Cannabis Cultivation to ensure healthy structure and foliage growth. More Phosphorus and Potassium than Nitrogen will promote more Bud/Flowers during the Fruit/Flower Period. Click Plant Nutrition for more.

Bio-Bizz Starter Pack

General Organics Go BoxAdvanced Nutrients BundleFox Farm Dirty DozenHouse & Garden Nutrients

Most Nutrient brands have there own packs with all the Nutes needed for the plant’s different growth cycles. The Sunleaves House of Guano Kit is great to have. (Thou, it’s getting harder to find now days) Bio-Bizz is another good example. Fox Farm has a pack, as well as General Organics,  Advanced Nutrients, BotanicareHouse & Garden just to name a few. There are a lot more brands, do some Research, see what’s in the Nutes and if it’s the right Elements for your garden.


When and How To Use Nutrients ?

To start out grab a (Well Known) Starter’s Pack or Bundle. Even just a Two part Program, Grow & Bloom. Other Nutrients and Elements can always be added later. Use the Nutrients as directed by the Manufacture. Watch how the Plants Interact and Respond to the Nutrients. This is the only way to find the Right Nutrients for your Garden, Trial and Error. Well, that and Lots of Research.

There are always different Cultivation Methods and Nutes can be used in a wide variety of ways. As well as Extras and “Boosters”. There is a lot of Folklore and Hype in some of these Products. And, Buying the products can get very expensive, Not knowing What it is ? or How to use properly use it ? Is even a bigger waste. Let’s take a look at a few Helpful Products worth using and What they are Used for ;

Rooting Nutrients

Starting at the Base, the Roots. For extra Rooting, Inoculants can be used. Inoculants are Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi known as Endo & Ecto – Mycorrhizae. The Fungus and Bacteria Strains are designed to help Root Systems intake Water and Nutes needed by the Plant and to build a Stronger Root System. Great to use when Transplanting too.

Plant Success Great White Orca Root BloomSea Green Hydro


Vitamins, Amino/Humic/Fulvic Acids

It is a good ideal to use a Vitamin/Acid Supplement with each feeding. Vitamins, Acids, and Hormones Increases the plants ability to break down and absorb the Essential Vitamins, Nutrients, and Minerals they need. Vitamins & Acids also help Boost Metabolism Energy to build Cell Strength and Antioxidants for resistance to Stress and Disease.

Bio-HeavenSuper ThriveBioBizz Top-MaxAdvanced Nutrients B52Botanicare Liquid Karma

Cal-Mag (Calcium & Magnesium Additive)

Plants use and need Optimum Levels of Calcium and Magnesium throughout all Phases of their Life. A Cal-Mag Additive is Definitely needed when using RO(Reverse Osmosis) or Distilled Water. As the Process removes All Minerals. As a plus Cal-Mag Additives aide and compensate from most Nutrient Deficiencies.

-Calcium- Builds Cell Wall Structure and improves Nutrient Uptake by the Roots and Translocation.

-Magnesium- Activates Enzymes that that help the Plant’s Metabolism Build or Breakdown Compounds.

Botanicare Cal-MagGeneral Organics Cal-Mag General Hydroponics Cal-Mag Earth Juice Cal-Mag






Bloom Boosters

For an extra Punch in Flowering use some sort of Bloom Booster. This will be a high Phosphorus and Potassium Nutrient (0-50-30)used to increase production of Heavier Blooms and Flowers. Making them more Dense, Fragrant and Full of Essential Oils and Resins. Resulting in a much Heavier Yield.

Bio-Bizz Topmax Hawiaiian Bud Advanced Nutrients Big Bud BioBizz Bio-Bloom 



Cannabis will also need Carbohydrates from all the work they are doing. Give them some form of sugar, Molasses or a sweetener.The extra Energy from the Carbs will help the plant make Resinous Flowers with that Desired Aroma and Taste.

Heavy WeightEarth Juice Hi-Brix MolassesBotanicare Sweet Raw Advanced Nutrients - Bud Candy



Enzymes breakdown Nutrients and Carbs into smaller forms of Sugar easier for the Plant to Intake. Enzymes Fuel the Plant’s Metabolism and Immune System, making Stronger Healthier Plants. Enzymes will also clean the Medium by breaking down the Dead or Dormant material and turning it into Food for the Plants.

BioCozyme Hygrozyme


Note Organics provide a higher quality product; fish, bats, worms, birds, and plants. Make an Organic Tea by brewing desired nutrients in water with an air pump, or letting the mix steep for a day or two.

Hydroponics Nutrients

A lot of the same Nutrients (Not All) can be used in Hydroponics as well as Organic/Soil Mediums. Let’s take a look at Hydroponic Nutrients Regimens. Advance Nutrients has a very effective line of products. Fox Farm, Bio Bizz, Cyco, and Botanicare are all trusted names in the Nutrients business.


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