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Choosing a Cannabis Cultivation Medium

Either an Organic Soil/Less or Hydroponic Medium? It just depends on one’s preference and goals. Hydroponics will grow big plants fast, but require more attention and equipment. Organics give best results in taste, smell, and cleanness of medicine. Sure there are Organic Nutrients that can be use in Hydroponics Systems. It’s just that a Living Soil Medium really brings out the Flavors, Aromas, and Effect of the Medicine. 

Understanding The Medium

  The ideal Medium should hold but at the same time drain water. Elements such as Peat Moss, Perlite, Washed Sand, and Coco Coir make this possible. There are several Organic potting soils and Mediums to choose from. Sunshine has a nice line of quality Medium, some with just peat moss, perlite, and a few with added Nutrients. Fox Farm’s Ocean Forest and Happy Frog potting soils are a good Mediums to use, both have Organic Elements and Nutrients such as Composted Humus, peat moss, perlite, Bat Guano, Worm Castings, Crab MealKelp meal, and Dolomite Lime. For a good healthy start, not to mention a stabilized PH. Add some coco, perlite, or sand for extra drainage and retention.

Bio-Bizz’ Light Mix as well as Pro Mix have no added nutrients only peat moss, perlite, and lime. This gives you more control of adding and mixing preferred nutrients and amendments. The Pro Mix also have beneficial Mycorrhizae and Biofungicides that help protect and feed root systems. These are great, especially for adding organic nutrients and mixing up your own Custom Medium. (Super Soil)

You can find more on mixing Organic Mediums here in our Soil Recipes page. Just be sure to use an airy loose Medium. Loose Medium = More Roots: More Roots = Bigger  Yield

Hydroponics Mediums

For hydroponics, the Medium is used a little different. A hydroponics Medium holds the plant in place and lets the nutrient solution drain down the root system. While not changing the PH or chemical makeup in the nutrient solution. A few different materials can be used as the Medium here. Rockwool, Hydroton, Perlite / Vermiculite, and Coco. These Mediums provide adequate drainage while holding plants in place.

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