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Lighting Sources

 Understanding The Different Lighting Sources Used For Cannabis Cultivation

 A wide variety of Lighting Sources can and do get used to Cultivate Cannabis. The reason for this is the Life Cycles of Cannabis. Different types of lights can be used to accelerate growth during certain phases of Cannabis’s Life. As well as promote different types of growth.    

Fluorescent Lighting Sources  


Fluorescent lamps with there cool light are good for starting seedlings and clones. These Lighting Sources aren’t very warm, so the spectrum is most powerful up close. Fluorescent lighting should be held only two to three inches away from top and/or side of plant. Never touching the leaves, to prevent burning them. Finding fluorescent lighting for cultivation is fairly easy. They come in many sizes and models, and can be bought at almost any hardware or home improvement store.

HID Lighting Sources (High Intensity Discharge)

Metal Halide Lighting SourceHPS Lighting Source 

The HID Lighting Source is a very high powered light that produce a great amount of heat. This means proper care and ventilation will be required. HID lamps are great as Lighting Sources to use and come in two varieties. (MH) Metal Halide is an ultra-violet/blue lighting spectrum that is ideal for the vegetative/growth stage. The infra-red/orange lighting spectrum of the (HPS) High Pressure Sodium lamp is like the late summer/fall sun, great for the fruiting/flowering period. 

400w Lighting Source Kit 600w Lighting Source Kit1000w Lighting Source Kit

   Complete Lighting Kits are efficient and easy to use. These Lighting Sources come in a few different styles and variations, usually in 400w, 600w, and 1000w kits, just plug and play. What makes these Lighting Sources so nice is that they can run both MH and HPS lamps using the same ballast. This became possible thanks to the new e-ballasts that can operate both MH and HPS lamps, with a simple bulb swap. 

Product finished under metal halides tend to have more blue or purple color. HPS lighting can be used as a stand alone source through all phases of cultivation. 

Let’s not forget the Dual Spectrum bulbs that have both MH and HPS lighting lamps in one bulb, plus they work in the e-ballast. That means no changing bulbs and no accidents to be made while doing so. These are the great for all stages of cultivation, start to finish. 

Note Check all Bulb/Ballast ratings and warning labels before screwing any bulb into a socket.

  Full spectrum LED’s are a very interesting Lighting Source option. Available in all color spectrums for plant’s growth stages. Not only are these Lighting Source very energy efficient, most have their own fans on the light itself. So, heating won’t be an issue with these puppies. Keeping cool while supplying ample amount of rays, definitely an option worth looking into.

It’s your decision, but please use what Lighting Source best suites your cultivation space. Big light, small place = to much Heat. Safety First .

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