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Hydroponics Systems Explained

Hydroponics is an excellent Cultivation Method for promoting Root growth. We all know a Healthy root system is substantial for any successful Cultivation or Yield. When roots don’t struggle for there space plants grow Big and Healthy, fast. In fact, plants grown with a Hydroponics System will usually finish a couple weeks quicker and yield slightly more. That’s why many Cultivators today choose to use Hydroponics. Water Culture (Hydroponics) can be used in many ways and forms. There is NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), Aeroponics, DWC (Deep Water Culture), Drip Systems, and EbbFlow. These systems and varieties can be found at your favorite Hydroponics Supply Store. You can always build your own Hydroponics system customized to your preference and Environment. Figure out what Hydroponics system you want to simulate, get the parts needed to make system, and Construct. Let’s take a Look.

NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)

  Pipe or NFT Systems are popular among the Hydroponics seen. Pipes with holes for the plants run horizontal. Nutrient solution flows thru the pipes and over the roots. Then drains back to reservoir gravitationally thanks to the slope of the pipes. These are easy to manipulate and can be constructed in many different ways. Using only a few net pots, a piece of pvc, some hosing, and an air/water pump.NFT 36


  The Aeroponics System combines both Hydroponics and Oxygen. Spraying an oxygen rich solution directly to the plant’s roots, while the plant hangs up and out of the nutrient solution. Using only air is used for the growing medium. Aeroponic systems can be made with almost any container, some tubing, spray nozzles, and an air/water pump. Tote containers with lids provide room for several plants at once.Aeroponics

Deep Water Culture (DWC)

   This method uses both Hydroponics and Aeroponics principles combined. The difference is the root system is actually submerged in the nutrient solution. An air pump provides oxygen for the solution. Buckets with net pot lids and an air pump are usually used for the DWC method.Deep Water Culture


Drip Systems

   These types of Hydroponics Systems drip the nutrient rich solution from the top down through the medium. This allows the solution to run down the roots. A set up where there is no wasted solution, as the excess is cycled back thru to holding tank. Very efficient, in terms of emptying/filling water and nutrients. Hydroton in trays/containers with an overflow tube in the tray work really well. Drip Systems can be used with the right soil medium as well. A little Research and Ingenuity can go a long way.Hydroponics Drip System

Ebb and Flow

  This popular Hydroponics System takes drip to the next level. Set up in a gravitational way, the tray with plants is set up higher than the solution reservoir. The nutrient rich solution is flooded in the tray all around the plants roots, an overflow tube prevents any from overflowing. Then the solution slowly drains back down to reservoir. Allowing plants to soak up needed nutrients. The trays/containers with an overflow tube on top a reservoir work really well.Ebb & Flow Hydroponics System

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