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Harvesting Cannabis

Understanding the Process of Harvesting Cannabis

Harvesting Cannabis is all about Carefully watching your Flowers and the Right Timing. If Harvested too early the THC will not yet be Ripe, and if Harvested too late the THC will be past It’s Peak Maturity. Either way, Harvesting Cannabis at the wrong time will result with an unpalatable THC (Cannabinoid) Profile. Which won’t Taste very pleasing or Burn the way it needs to.

There are a few ways of being able to tell when it’s time for Harvesting Cannabis. Knowing what to look for is key. The Flower is the prize possession, so that is where all focus should be. Watch the Flower, by looking at It’s Pistils, Trichomes, and Calyxes a lot can be seen and told. 

In the third week of Flowering Trichomes start forming on the leaves and flowers. These glands are where the THC is stored and will be clear at this time. Use a 30x microscope or Jeweler’s Loupe to see this.Trichomes Week 3

As the flower grows so do the trichomes, from the bottom to the top of the flowers. Trichomes get bigger and multiply as the THC inside Matures. The pistils(hairs) will start to turn from white to reddish brown and become curly rather than sticking straight out. The calyxes grow filling with Resin (THC). Keep an eye on these indicators, they are what will tell you that it is almost time for Harvesting Cannabis. 

Harvesting Cannabis When THC Is At Peak Maturity 

Harvesting Cannabis at peak maturity will give best results and most potent THC content. When about 75-90% of the hairs have turned color and about 90% of the calyxes are so full of resin they look like they are seeds. Most importantly, when almost all of the trichomes are a milky white and just a few are turning amber. Only a handful of the Amber colored trichomes should be just starting to Stud Out. See the pictures below, this is what Harvesting Cannabis at It’s Peak looks like. 

Harvesting Cannabis FlowersTrichomes Week 8

(left) What the Pistils look like at Harvesting Time.

(right) What the Trichomes look like at Harvesting Time.


Harvesting Cannabis – How To

Cut the plant at the base a couple inches up from the Medium. If needed, cut the side branches for better handling. Remove the bigger (Fan) leaves. Just the big ones though, leave the smaller ones around the flowers for now. Soon they will drape down around the flower shading and protecting it. We’ll get them later, for now let them soon do their job, protect the flower.

Hang branches upside down by the one of the V’s at the stalk, in a cool, dry, Dark place. After a few days of hang drying the flowers will be ready to begin the next phase, Curing.

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