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Flushing Cannabis

                 Why is Flushing Cannabis Necessary?

Flushing Cannabis is a simple step to ensure quality product. Cannabis that isn’t properly flushed will be harsh, and have a distinct chemical taste. Even when smoked it doesn’t burn that good, leaving a thick dark ash. Properly flushed Cannabis will burn slow and even with a fluffy light gray ash. Flushing Cannabis is the most effective way to achieve a smooth tasty medicine. Naturally bringing out the plant’s true flavors and aromas.

Flushing Cannabis is also essential to keep roots healthy and promote growth. When nutrients break down, the chemicals turn into salts. The salts Build Up on the roots and Rhizosphere decreasing overall Respiration. If not removed it will effect the Plant’s Nutrient Uptake. So, Flushing the salts out will keep plants healthy and productive.

Flushing Cannabis: When To Flush Plants?

The salts will start to build up after a couple feedings. So, it is ideal to get on a good feeding schedule and incorporate the Flushing every second or third feeding. Which works out to about every week to ten days. Make Flushing part of the feeding schedule, this is the easiest way to keep plants thriving and producing healthy flowers. Most Importantly, Flushing Cannabis is done at the end of the Flowering Phase. The last two weeks before harvest flush the plants to rid them of any toxins. This will also help them intake all the nutrients that might be left in the medium.

Flushing Cannabis: How To Flush Plants?

Flushing Cannabis is a simple process in which only PH’d water is giving to the plants, in an excess amount. Make sure to have trays under pots to catch the excess water. Feed the plant plenty of water making sure it comes out and in the tray. Clean up all extra from the trays. Repeat for a couple days. Then let the medium dry, letting the roots get plenty of oxygen. Continue the nutrient feeding schedule as before.

Flushing Cannabis In Hydroponic Systems

When using Hydroponics, Flushing is a little different. The principle remains the same, just a little more to the process. Empty nutrient reservoir and rinse thoroughly. Fill with PH’d water and feed plants for a couple hours. Empty and rinse reservoir. Fill with PH’d water and feed plants for a couple days before returning to nutrient regimen.

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