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Establishing an Indoor Grow Room

Finding The Perfect Space For an Indoor Grow Room

How to find the perfect space for an Indoor Grow Room. This could be an attic, basement, garage, storage area, spare room, closet, etc. An Indoor Grow Room needs to be hidden and kept away from all structural Elements.(hvac, furnace, water heater, appliances, etc.) Safety First. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. Try this to open your mind and put you in the right frame of thought. Think of it as some where too hide a big safe full of money you want to keep hidden from everyone.

Here’s a few factors to keep in mind for a productive Indoor Grow Room: access to electricity, lighting, ventilation, temperature, and above all Security. Someone seeing or taking the crop is not an option. Look real close at the potential Grow Room surroundings, make sure there isn’t any important duct work or water/drain pipes near. Why you might ask? Think about if something was to go wrong with your heater, plumbing, electrical. What ever the case may be, you don’t want the service guy having to go in or work around your Indoor Grow Room. A very awkward situation, or even worse can easily be avoided here.

The Appropriate Indoor Grow Room Environment

Before you go and get set on what you think is a suitable space for your Indoor Grow Room. Let’s talk about the appropriate Indoor Grow Room environment. This will ensure you utilize the perfect space for your Indoor Grow Room. Over 50% of people make big mistakes here. Be that other 40 something percent of the and build the perfect Indoor Grow Room.

There are many factors and Elements to consider when talking about environment. Much less control. That’s basically what this is, environmental control. You need to be able to control the environment to keep it at a certain temperature, moisture level, light output, and airflow. If these Elements aren’t running at the right levels, the end result will really show. That’s if you make it to the end. Take a look.


The space should be cool, a hot space will only get hotter. Moisture is the enemy, stay away from a space that is damp or gets wet. Stage a thermo/hygrometer in the potential Grow Room for a while and check it’s reading. Then you will know if the space is suitable for an Indoor Grow Room.


Since we’re inside where there’s no sun we will need to use lights. The size of your Indoor Grow Room will determine what size/kind of lighting system that should be used. HID lights produce large amounts of heat. Best used for spaces 4’x4′ or larger. Smaller Grow Rooms will do better with LED’s or Fluorescent lights.


Ventilation is another very important Element. The lighting system to be used will determine how much air will be needed to properly cool and replenish the Indoor Grow Room. This is accomplished by bringing fresh air in and pulling hot, stale air out. Look for windows or some where that won’t be noticed to run the ventilation.


Most importantly, easy access to electricity. Running extension cords through the house is unacceptable, For so many resins I’m not even going to get into it. Just don’t do it. Very Dangerous.


       *Big Tip *

Camouflaging Your Indoor Grow Room

Stealth is key, use the surroundings to camouflage your Indoor Grow Room. False walls, shelving, peg board, and boxes/tote containers work very well. If need be, build a little room then hide it. So, it looks as if it weren’t even there. Have to be really creative, think outside the box. The right place may not look like it at first glance. A little imagination and some work will prove a wonderful Indoor Grow Room. 


Can’t Find a Safe Place For an Indoor Grow Room

 If a safe place cannot be found for cultivation, Grow Tents are an excellent choice. These come in all sizes from x-small to x-large, most with several ventilation and wiring port options. Tents are easy to set up and have durable hardware for hanging plenty of equipment. Which is a lot easier than trying to build or operate around obstacles. There are even Complete Setups with tents, lights, fans, and everything else needed.

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