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Curing Cannabis

       How To Get The Highest Grade Medicine Possible

Now that the plants have been harvested and are hanging out, let’s talk about drying and Curing Cannabis. Cannabis doesn’t just hang dry, well it does. But, there is a lot more to it than that. To get exceptional flavors and aromas the flower needs to properly Cure. Cannabis doesn’t actually start the Curing process until after it is dried and put into a glass container.

Curing Cannabis takes a little time and patients. After coming this far there is no since getting in a hurry now. A Medical Grade Cure can take up from four to eight weeks. Settle down, you will be able to Sample and see first hand how this 3-step method makes the difference.

The Cannabis Curing Process

 1)  While the plants hang inspect them regularly. Within seven to ten days the leaves and the flower tops will feel semi crisp, but the flower is still a little wet and sticky yet. It’s time trim all leaves away from the flower (Manicure). Be sure to keep these leaves, they have many uses. Cooking or making Canna Butter, Bubble Hash, there are a few ways of Extracting the goods from them. The flowers will smell green, but maybe a few of the smallest ones are dry enough to Sample.

 2)  After manicuring, separate the flowers off the stems and place in a brown paper bag. (Get a bag of them from the grocery store). Don’t fill it up, only about a third of the way with flower. Fold the bag down loosely, only a couple folds. Gently shake and open the bags everyday so the flowers receive fresh air. Curing Cannabis is about monitoring the flower. It’s dryness, density, and aroma. As the flower dries it will shrink and become more compact. In about a week or so the flowers will be dry enough for the next step. Some small flowers will even be able to smoke.

  3)  Now that the flowers feel almost completely dry. Not at all moist to the touch, but maybe a little moist on the inside yet. They will need to go in some type of sealable glass container, to begin the Curing Cannabis process. Mason Jars are best and easy to obtain. Fill jars with fresh flower about two thirds of the way full. Seal and store back in dark. Like the paper bags, gently shake and open TWICE daily for a week. If any feel damp, leave the jar open for rest of the day. Every couple days lay the flowers out and give them an inspection, looking for mold or anything that looks dead.

 Have a Sample. The flower is smoke able, just not Cured yet. Curing Cannabis is also about sampling and seeing what she is actually up to. Open jars once daily for another week, after that open the jars every few days and inspect them. Notice how the flowers just become their own, as the depth of the Aroma changes and it turns whiter preserving itself. It will be very apparent when the flowers are fully Cured and really ready for consumption. Properly Curing Cannabis should take about 30 days once put in the glass jar.   

Cannabis will only get better and better as she cures in the glass jar. Be patient, let her cure, and you will be rewarded with some of the best Flowers in the World.       

Note  Cured Cannabis sealed in glass will keep Indefinitely!!

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