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Choosing Cannabis Strains to Cultivate

There are thousands of different Cannabis Strains out there and new ones coming out almost daily. So, how do I even begin to find a couple personal strains? You might ask. Don’t go all ape shit just yet! There are a couple ways to make Choosing Cannabis Strains easier. You just got to ask yourself a couple questions to narrow down the choices when Choosing Cannabis Strains.
 1.  What are the Strain’s medicinal benefits? Such as: It’s medicinal uses, effects, side effects, THC/CBD content, aroma, flavor, and potency.
2.  How big is my grow space? Get a strain that will grow well in your area. Don’t try to grow a pure sativa in a little 3×3 box that is only 4 foot high. Sativas get tall, some grow to be huge trees!
3.  What is the climate like in my grow space? What are the temperature and humidity levels running at in your grow room? For instance, if things are a little on the humid side, a Strain that is mold resistant would be a better fit.
To answer these questions you will have to do some research. This is the hardest part about Choosing Cannabis Strains. Finding adequate information to narrow down the results to make the best possible decision.

Finding The Right Information For Choosing Cannabis Strains

The number one factor when Choosing Cannabis Strains is their medicinal benefits. It was kind of hard to find quality information about a strains medicinal benefits. But, these days it is getting better do to the legalization of MMJ (Medical Marijuana).
If you are fortunate enough to live in a state that has MMJ programs. Dispensaries are a great place to start. Most of them keep plenty of information on their strains. Either go and talk to your local budtenders or check out some of their websites.
You can also check out a few Strain Databases. These are like encyclopedias for Choosing Cannabis Strains and Seeds. Packed with medicinal information on hundreds of strains. You have probably heard of one of the most popular ones, Leafly. There are a few more good ones and we’ll have links below for you. Using these databases are a must when Choosing Cannabis Strains.
Seed banks have excellent information on their cannabis strains, but most don’t have too much on certain specifics. Besides the Cultivation info or grow data. Some have catalogs that can be ordered, these usually have a little more information.

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